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Iron bar pipe clamp
  • Iron bar pipe clamp

    SYGJ×1 *_** single pipe clamp

    This product suitable for mechanical hydraulic systems among the fields of oil, water and gas pipe in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, vehicle, power ,whose pipes flows oil ,water and gas for their medium.

    Components: Clamp body, plate and bolt

     The material of  clamp body

    SYGJ×1c-** means carbon steel single pipe without plate

    SYGJ×1c-** A(B) means carbon steel single pipe with plate

    SYGJ×1B-** means Stainless steel single pipe without plate

    SYGJ×1B-** A(B) means carbon steel single pipe with plate

     Model of order: Take OD.16 of pipe clamp as an example

    Carbon steel singe pipe clamp- SYGJ×1c-16(without plate)

    Carbon steel single pipe clamp -SYGJ×1c-16A(B)(with plate)

        Stainless steel pipe clamp- SYGJ×1B-16(without plate)

    Stainless steel pipe clamp- SYGJ×1B-16 A(B)( plate)


    1. The surface of clamp is Zinc Plated , different treatments upon customer`s request.

     2.Design and production with other materials and OD. Of pipe upon customer`s  request.

    Acc. to China national standard: JB./ZQ 4492-97

    Acc. To Germany standard: JB/ZQ4499-97