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  • The growth process of steel pipe clamp
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  • Since 1953 American Red valve invented and manufacture pinch valve which adopt global level material from suppliers as DUPONT , FIRESTONE and GOODYEAR and so on. By its own composite rubber technology and composite fire technology, they starts to promote this kind of high wear resistance and Zero fault of valve products.  Red Valve developed a custom pinch valve designed for the world's first coal slurry pipeline. They continuously developing highly innovative and extremely durable products designed to handle the rigors of the most demanding mining operations Full-port openings, non-clogging designs and abrasion-resistant materials are all ways that Red Valve ensures maximum performance and minimal downtime. Red Valve products have been used in mines throughout North and South America, China, Australia, Africa and Europe. Their customers networks is all over the world with 75 countries and 175 cities.

    Pinch valve enters into china recent years. It is from unfamiliarity to acceptance .this kind of valve with high quality and competitive price and withstanding severe environment is popular for application in china. There are not many well-known manufacturers for producing pinch valve. Nowadays we buy pinch valves from these suppliers in china, e.g. Red valve of USA, Flowrox of finland(former name: Larox, changing name for Flowrox in 2012, AKO of Germany and so on. Red valve corporation established office in china.

    In the following, there are simulating manufacturing pinch valve in china. At present  there are many Chinese manufacturer coming up with pinch valves, which relies on cheap price for fast taking up market ,thus causing some mistake for these customers who contacts with this kind of valve. E.g. short life time of pinch valve for only sustaining several month of its pipe liner, even of  only one month life time of pipe line. Their mastering rubber technology can not satisfy with manufacturing high wear resistance and corrosion and long lifetime of rubber pipe shroud. According to the investigation , the earliest batch of pinch valves are existing nowadays. Even if the most ordinary imported pinch valves, whose lifetime is much longer than domestic made ones. Of course, the user can decide to buy pinch valves as their actual situation and requirement because of higher price of imported pinch valve.

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