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  • The range of application and characteristics of pipe clamp
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  • 1. The range of application for pipe clamp as below:

    The light series of pipe application mainly apply on six kinds of general pressure of pipe , whose range of O.D of pipe from 6mm to 57mm

    The twin pipe series of pipe clamp mainly apply on five kinds of machinery pressure of pipe, whose range of O.D from 6mm to 42mm.

    Heavy series of pipe clamp mainly apply on eight kinds of high machinery pressure of pipe, whose range of O.D from 8mm to273mm.

    2. The characteristics of material of pipe clamp

    Density , bending strength ,impact ductility, compressive strength, elastic modulus, tensile strength, temperature &color resistant and so on.

    3. The procedure of installation for pipe clamp as below:

    Installing on welded base plate. before installation , in order to fix the direction of clamp, we suggest to mark on fixed place and then welding it. Inserting the lower part of body clamp and then place the pipe or line which is required for fixed. And then put up on other part of clamp body and cover plate, and fastening by screws. Prohibiting welding directly base plate of installed pipe clamp.

    Installing rail, which can be welded on base or fastening by screws and then put the rail nut into rail` groove. And turn 90 degree . Then put lower half of body clamp into nuts and put on required pipe or line, then put on upper half of body clamp and cover plate and fastening by screw.

    Stacking installation, The rail can be welded on base or fixed by screw. First installing lower half of clamp body ,then placing required pipe or line ,and then putting on upper half clamp body and fastening by screw and prohibiting it moving by locking plate. And installation for secondary pipe clamp ,the method of installation as the above.

    Installation for curving pipe,  before installation of it , it shall be fixed the front part and back part of curving pipe by yong sheng pipe clamp. Our suggestion for supporting point shall be in fixed position.

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